10 Best Modern Art Painting Ideas To Arouse The Artist Inside You

A close up of a stuffed animal

Painting is the best way to express yourself, about how you feel. Suppose you have basic knowledge of painting, even if you don’t have inspiration. You will be able to create a masterpiece. In the present era, modern art paintings are quite famous. Everyone has at least one modern art painting in their drawing-room. After all, it is the masterpiece of many unsaid things. 

Even if you lack ideas of modern art painting, we got your back; try one of these modern art painting ideas from the trends list. You will find a masterpiece for yourself. 

Modern Art Painting Ideas 

A colorful rug

Brush Strokes Black And White Modern Art Painting

A group of different types of food

The brush-stroked black and white modern art painting looks so elegant and compliments many other decor ideas.

Pink Ombre Modern Art Painting

This modern art painting is a perfect example of blending different colors to form a new color. 

Watercolor Style Blues Modern Art Painting

Social Media is filled with watercolor splash painting. Watercolor style modern art painting is done by splashing, spraying, and brushing the paint around the canvas.

Animal Inspired Watercolors

Animal print-inspired clothes were very common in the past few years. And nowadays, using watercolors, one can also make the various colors by blending them and can also form animal prints or any other print painting.

Colors Of Rainbow

Nowadays, rainbow dresses are in trend. Why not Rainbow painting?

The layering of colors can be done to get a perfect rainbow art.

Artsy Scribbles

Pick up your acrylic paint and start scribbling various black and white patterns together. Pattern art is never out of trend. This kind of painting can be seen in restaurants commonly. 

Glam Gold Leaf Flakes

Add some sophisticated elements to your art by using gold leaf flakes to make an abstract painting. Leaf abstract paintings and drawings are very popular because of their spectacular looks.  

Blue & Gold Modern Art Painting

This one is known for its texture and colors. Colors can do wonders if used properly. Blue and golden colors are the best combinations of colors that give perfect modern looks.

Statement Embroidery Modern Art Painting

Statement embroidery modern art painting is made with the help of colors and also embroidery to mark the statements. This can be placed in a drawing-room, and for sure, this painting will make the room look stunning.

Modern Geometry Modern Art Painting

If you love geometry looks, then you can have this modern geometry modern art painting at your home. This painting will look extraordinary at your home. 


Are you ready with all your material like canvas, paints, and brushes Picasso? If not, go and grab and start painting your heart out. It’s never too late. Close your eyes and imagine your favorite scene and start creating a modern art painting masterpiece. Hopefully, these tips will help you get some modern art painting ideas. And you draw out your emotions.

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