3 Methods To Write Right In Calligraphy

3 Methods To Write Right In Calligraphy

Are you equipped with good Calligraphy or brush lettering material, ready to launch you into the assault of beautiful letters? But here your lines are grey mines, everything is wrong, and nothing is right #cestlacrise!

Using “guidelines” or in other words, line markers are essential for beautiful calligraphy. This is indeed one of the critical points of a clean and neat result! Do not run blindly on a white sheet because you will always be disappointed by the result.

I propose today to discover together three methods to write well right and calligraphic guidelines to download for free:

The Printed Instructions

The idea here is to use published guidelines to allow you to write right on the one hand but also to have a guide for tilting your calligraphy.

As a reminder, each writer has its inclination, but the most common remains that of 54 ° of the English or copperplate. 

How does it work? Just print the guidelines/markers and choose the one you want to use: horizontal lines with or without lines at 54 ° for tilting your writing. Then place the printed sheet under a classic white sheet and follow the guidelines. You will have a beautiful result straight without effort!

The Line Plotter

If your coat is too thick or dark or if your marks are specific, I invite you to use a ruler (or rolling ruler) that will allow you to draw straight lines, and especially regular, without any effort!

How does it work? Position the ruler on your sheet, making sure it is straight. Draw the first-line then gently slide your rule down, and it will roll! Attention, it is necessary to proceed with gentleness so that it remains on the same axis.

The small area at the bottom right of the ruler allows you to track how many cms you are descending. Stay steady, and you will have straight features!

The Laser

The ultimate tool to draw in case of force majeure: the laser! It’s a magical tool to avoid having to draw lines and then erase them. I use it, mainly when I calligraphy envelopes but it can also be handy on paper sensitive enough that it will be better to avoid deleting.

How does it work? Just put the laser on your table, create a template on a sheet to put your envelopes for example, always in the same place and write by following the laser line.

A real-time saver!

Calligraphy Pens Hand Lettering Tool

Regardless of whether you’re an educated calligraphy craftsman or a beginner, these Calligraphy Pens will enable you to accomplish your objectives! Make excellent calligraphy artistry with these pens! You can look over four calligraphy pens relying upon the tip you like.

3 Methods To Write Right In Calligraphy
3 Methods To Write Right In Calligraphy


  • These calligraphy pens are ideal for both scholarly craftsmen and novices.
  • These are anything but difficult to utilize and grasp even children will appreciate employing them.
  • These are high caliber and refillable; you can reuse them, and they will keep going for quite a while

Erasable Highlighters Double Head For Calligraphy

These erasable highlighters are ideal for office laborers and understudies the same. Office works can some of the time, only a ton of perusing jobs. So a decent highlighter can be valuable. While for understudies, highlighters are one of the expensive school supplies to have.

3 Methods To Write Right In Calligraphy
3 Methods To Write Right In Calligraphy


  • Has twofold head capacities, one head for highlighter and the other for eraser
  • You can undoubtedly preclude your errors in featuring by utilizing its eraser
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