Anime About Calligraphy – A Love Story Set in Calligraphy

anime about calligraphy

Anime series about calligraphy has become popular in the West. Many people enjoy Japanese animation, but few have seen the story line and world of Japanese calligraphy. This anime series is a fun and entertaining watch with some interesting characters.

Rural Village

The anime series, Anime About Calligraphy, follows the daily life of the young daughter of a famous calligrapher father and grandmother. The story line takes place in the rural village where most of the villagers are taught calligraphy from an early age by their grandmother. The anime takes place on the life of these villagers as they grow older, meeting and falling in love with some random boy in the third grade.

Starting off with the second episode, titled “My Heart Rising”, the anime follows the everyday life of these beautiful and talented young girls as they grow up under the guidance of their grandmother. Each girl learns a new technique as she meets and falls in love with a boy. The anime begins with the beautiful but delinquent Asagi Himoto as he joins the wrong club at school and falls in love with the new transfer student, Chiyo.

Young Girl Named Naru

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The beautiful and talented young girl named Naru is the favorite in every episode. The anime continues with her family and friends as they also fall in love. The series follows their journey to find the strongest boy that will marry them and become a household name. Naru, along with her friends, has a unique power that allows her to create heartswarming characters. She can transform into a ball or flute, change her clothes into a skirt and hat, and she can even make people run away from her.

The story line of the anime series revolves around five girls and their discovery of a special book about calligraphy. They then go on a trip to the countryside to perform some art for it. On the way, they meet Andres Ponce, who seems to be the prefect instructor. All the girls are transformed by this mysterious man’s words and the start of a romance story that is filled with fantasy and romance. Naru is the main female protagonist in the series and she constantly wants to pursue her dream of becoming an author.

Romance Between The Main Characters

One of the main characteristic of this kind of story is the romance between the main characters. They have a special attraction to each other despite their common dislike of each other. It is because of their love for calligraphy that they want to learn the art and become teachers one day. As they bond with their teacher, more secrets about the art are revealed and they learn more about themselves.

Bottom Line

Overall, anime series about calligraphy are enjoyable for anyone who loves to read letters. You can find many different types of stories that feature this theme in various formats. If you are fond of anime series, this is one of the best anime series you can start off with.

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