Art Facts You Must Know! I Amazing Products For Your Use

Art Facts You Must Know!

Art Facts You Must Know!

A lot of us are unknown with the art facts about the famous paintings and famous painters in history. Through this article, you will come to know the interesting art facts from our history.

#1 – Art Facts

The Gioconda has a value comparable to 15% GDP of France. La Gioconda or also known as ‘La Mona Lisa’, has an approximate value of 15% of France’s GDP according to Bloomberg data; that is, about 190 billion dollars. This figure was calculated based on tourism revenues left by the painting to the French government over a period of 5 years.

#2 – Art Facts

It is known that at the time the Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre museum in 1912, at least 5 fakes were sold that pretended to be the real one. Some sources claim that these replicas were sold for millions of dollars and even many said that the painting that is hung in the Louvre was a fake.

#3 – Art Facts

Contrary to popular belief, Vincent Van Gogh sold more than one painting in his life. As specialists from the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam explain, it is known that Van Gogh sold more than one of the 2,000 works he did throughout his career. Although it is true that he did not sell many paintings (only 4 paintings are known) and that is why this myth of the only painting has been kept alive.

#4 – Art Facts

Who is the wife of Johannes Vermeer’s ‘The Young Girl with the Pearl’? The so-called “Mona Lisa Dutch” is one of the most emblematic portraits of the 17th century and probably also of the whole history of art. Although there are still many discussions about the model of the painting, many researchers conclude that it is their daughter, Maria.

#5 – Art Facts

Leonardo da Vinci was a vegetarian. There are indications that at least part of his life da Vinci was vegetarian. By the way, it was so much Leonardo’s appreciation of animals that he liked to buy caged birds in the markets and then release them.

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Art Facts You Must Know!
Art Facts You Must Know!


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Art Facts You Must Know!
Art Facts You Must Know!


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