Everything You Need To Know About Contemporary Painting I Top Tips

Everything You Need To Know About Contemporary Painting

Everything You Need To Know About Contemporary Painting

The works that are called contemporary painting are conceptual because in all ideas and discourse are the only intellectual weight they possess, and it is the concept that gives them meaning as art.

Everything You Need To Know About Contemporary Painting
Everything You Need To Know About Contemporary Painting

Contemporary painting is, in general, that has begun and has developed throughout the twentieth century, already continued in the twenty-first century. It is a consequence of modern painting, where the first pictorial movements marked the first contemporary painting through icons and were initiated by the main modern painters.

Contemporary Painting: Art Media

Contemporary painting, in a literal sense, is what has been produced in our time: current art. However, the fact that the fixation of the concept was done historically at a certain moment, the passage of time makes him move away from more and more in the past of the contemporary spectator.

Characteristics Of Contemporary Painting

Contemporary painting has a great aesthetic heritage of artistic avant-garde, the constant search for forms of expression is one of its fundamental ranks.

Abstraction has been one of the artistic trends that have profoundly marked the development of contemporary art. Likewise, conceptual trends form a very important part of contemporary painting.

This fusion of artistic trends together with originality, artistic experimentation and the author’s own footprint, can be considered its main characteristics.

The medium, the instrument or the tool that the author uses in his artistic productions is constantly changing, every day there are more artists who resort to the application of new technologies.

Some Of The Contemporary Painters And Their Paintings

Cecily Brown:

Brown was a British painter of London in 1969. His style shows the different points of view of females which were also the influences of the famous Francisco de Goya, Nicolas Poussin, Willem de Kooning, and Joan Mitchell. Brown’s paintings combine figuration and abstraction. The extension of the tradition of abstract expressionism eventually became known for its suggestive painting style of expressionist and abstract painters such as Konnigy Oskar Kokoschka. So, intimacy and attraction are important themes in his work, which he explores through semi-figurative and abstract means.

Takashi Murakami: 

He graduated from the National University of Fine Arts and Music in Tokyo obtaining a Graduate in Nihonga (traditional Japanese painting). Additionally, its introduction to contemporary art in 1990 brought absolute revolution. It found its route to the world under the tutelage of the artist Masato Nakamura. In 1993 he created his alter ego Mr. DOB. In fact, it found recognition inside and outside Japan for its particular synthesis between traditional and contemporary Japanese art and American pop art. However, at the end of the nineties, a strong intrusion of the sexual theme in his work has intuit.

Everything You Need To Know About Contemporary Painting
Everything You Need To Know About Contemporary Painting

Daniel Richter: 

E Studio für Künste in Hamburg Hochschule from Dildendende became a melting pot of talent in 1991-1995. However, Richter created abstract paintings with a cosmos intensely colorful shapes to the point of being psychedelics. Moreover, this form of art was somewhere between graffiti and intricate ornamentation.

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