Famous Abstract Paintings

famous abstract art

Abstract art, more commonly known as non-representational art, is quite a big current art trend. So, what is it exactly? Is it just some meaningless artwork that no one really understands? Or is there something to this seemingly random and abstract style of art? Or maybe you’ve always wondered what makes a great abstract painting so great? In order to answer these questions, you need to learn a little about the history of abstract art.

In the late 1800s, there was this french artist named Helen Frank. Frank’s paintings had this hazy, almost surreal quality to them. They appeared to come out of nowhere and were quite disjointed. They had this luminescent quality to them, like something from an entirely different world. In no time, Helen Frank was becoming well known as the ” mistress of the famous abstract art,” which can be attributed to her influential relationship with the artist Ludwig Van Beethoven.

Famous Abstract Art

A sign lit up at night

It was this relationship that spawned the first abstract art painting. It was done by the artist Ludwig van Beethoven. His style was unique for him but not entirely abstract. He used a lot of geometrical shapes and highlighted them with bold, bright colors. His painting was titled Heloise, after the river in Switzerland, where he spent a lot of time.

Another important artist, whom you may not have heard of, is Paul Gauguin. Gauguin’s style was quite unique. He created unusual pieces of abstract art using simple materials and techniques. Like Helen Frank, he also was into painting landscapes. His most famous piece of abstract art is called The Rocks.

Another Painter

A large tall tower with a clock on the side of a building

Another painter you may not have heard of is Kenneth Noland. However, like Gauguin and Van Beethoven, he too utilized an innovative style of painting that involved plenty of geometric shapes and vivid colors. As a matter of fact, Noland’s work is often referred to as “orthopedic.” His most famous work of this type is The Noland Continuum, which remains a famous painting of its day.

One of the most famous abstract paintings ever made by a non-native is Thomas Moran. This famous painter, along with his wife, Ellen Churchill, created The Dance of the Bees. This painting is still on view at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England.

Of course, Gerhard Richter is another important creator of beautiful paintings, most notably The Night Cafe. While his style may not be entirely “abstract,” his use of strong contrasting colors and unusual patterns, such as the ones in The Night Cafe, has made him famous. Richter’s paintings often reflect on his passion for nature and the contrasting tones that he found within it. Another important artist of Abstract Art, who worked before Gerhard Richter, was his student, Max Weber. Weber’s greatest achievements are Theorie (1907) and Wennl (1915). Other great artists influenced by Weber include Christian Galsow, Peter Young, and Pablo Picasso.

Things To Know

All these artists, along with many others, have contributed to the world of modern abstract art. You can buy famous abstract paintings and prints from online art galleries, where they’re offered at affordable prices. If you love abstract art but can’t afford the prices that are usually required to purchase one, don’t worry – there are still other ways to obtain beautiful works of art.

For example, many artists now work in the style of Cubism, a style that is all about texture and form instead of color or form. These artists include Jan Munch and Wim Hof. However, they are not strictly abstract artists because they have also produced paintings that can be considered realistic or representational art. Realistic and representational art will always be popular since it is easier for an artist to create a simple scene with simple, basic tools than it is to create a scene with complex lighting and shading.

One example of the style can be seen in Thomas Moran’s A History of Western Art. Moran, like many other abstract artists, makes great paintings that have little to do with any particular style. He uses recognizable images from western art movements to create powerful and memorable paintings. For example, one of his most famous paintings, The Battle of Alcazar, makes use of an ax and fork and forms a picture that looks like it has been lifted right out of the history books. Another great abstract art piece is Steve Paul’s painting entitled Lines of Flight, which features a large number of geese.

Bottom Line

In many cases, an artist will choose abstract paintings because they do not want to conform to any particular style. Instead, they want to express their personality through their art. As such, you should be able to find a great abstract painting that fits well with the style of an interior designer. Even if you just want to buy abstract paintings to hang on your walls, you will find that there are many artists who specialize in this type of artwork. You can find them by doing a search on the internet.

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