Famous Arts Of The World I Facts Everyone Must Know

Famous Arts Of The World

Famous Arts Of The World

What is art? An abstract and complicated question, which does not have a true and only answer. For many, art can be a song, a sculpture or a cathedral. It can be lasagna, a glass of good wine or a cut. For others, it may be a goal, a short novel, a face or a body, or just some Famous Arts. Come with us to know some famous arts in the world.

Famous Arts 1 – La Gioconda

Also known as the Mona Lisa, the portrait painted by Leonardo Da Vinci is, without a doubt, the most famous painting in history. A woman, with an enigmatic smile, looks at the excited spectator, while he tries to solve the mysteries behind that serious but at the same time sarcastic face.

Famous Arts Of The World
Famous Arts Of The World

The work of art is displayed behind bulletproof glass in the Louvre Museum, in Paris. It was the last painting painted by Da Vinci before he died.

Famous Arts 2- The Starry Night

Vincent Van Gogh is a very popular painter. His post-impressionist style is clearly distinguishable and his biography; Controversial, depressing and raw, he has catapulted him to be one of the great characters of Western culture.

Among all his work, there is a painting that stands out for its beauty, its strokes and its structure.

Famous Arts 3 – The Walker over the Sea Of Clouds

This painting, painted by the German Caspar Friedrich, maybe the pictorial work that most beautifully represents romanticism. A man, on a mountain, dressed in elegance and with an aura of mystery, looks at the landscape at his feet, hidden almost entirely under a thin blanket of clouds.

The work is in the Kunsthalle art museum in the city of Hamburg. The subjective interpretation is outlined as one of the elements of greater weight when appreciating this work.

Famous Arts 4 – The Creation of Adam

God suspended in the air and represented soberly but imposingly, extends his hand to a young man of muscular appearance and impeccable body called Adam.

That painting, which is not exactly a painting, is part of the fresco that decorates the vault of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. This work, immensely beautiful, represents Genesis, within the Old Testament. It is the creation of the world and the creatures that inhabit it. The work of art was made by the Renaissance artist Miguel Ángel.

Famous Arts Of The World
Famous Arts Of The World

Famous Arts 5 – Famous Arts the Pearl Girl

Johannes Vermeer is without a doubt, after Van Gogh, the most famous and interesting painter in Holland. Baroque artist, his pictorial technique is realistic, soft and very representative of his time.

His most famous painting shows a mysterious young woman. His eyes, large and expressive, look at the viewer in an inquiring way. The completely black background increases the aura of mystery that surrounds the woman. Her identity, her aspirations, her thoughts or even her loves, are questions that one cannot avoid wondering when looking at this young Dutch woman from the year 1667.

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