Famous Artwork Of All Time

Famous Artwork Of All Time

Art should not only be seen as an aesthetic construction, but also as an important symbol that serves to represent movements, positions, storytelling and, above all, make us reflect.We have selected some of the most famous artwork in the world that play a significant role in art history!

Jellyfish (1597)

Famous Artwork Of All Time
Famous Artwork Of All Time

One of Caravaggio’s best-known works is the Jellyfish, also a famous artwork. He was one of the most outstanding Italian painters of all time.

This work depicts the mythological figure of the jellyfish, a creature that has snakes in place of hair and with the power to turn people into stone whenever they look straight into their eyes.

Caravaggio’s Medusa is currently located at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy.

Abaporu (1928)

This is the most iconic work famous artwork by Tarsília do Amaral, a Brazilian artist known as one of the main precursors of Brazilian Modernism.

Abaporu, Tupi-Guarani origin name and meaning “the man who eats people”, was the initial milestone of the Anthropophagic Movement, which consisted of the swallowing of foreign culture that came to Brazil, adapting it to the reality of the country.

Tarsilia painted Abaporu as a birthday present for her husband at the time, writer Oswald de Andrade. Currently, this painting is the most valued Brazilian canvas in the world art market.

The Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires (MALBA) in the Argentine capital boasts Abaporu.

The Night Round (1639 – 1642)

This is one of the best-known works of Rembrandt, a Dutch artist who stood out for his baroque paintings.

Rembrandt designed this famous artwork to order from the Amsterdam Arcabuziers Corporation, which wished to decorate the hall of the company’s headquarters. So the artist created The Night Watch (which was originally to be called “The Company of Captain Frans Banning Cocq and Lieutenant Willem van Ruytenburch Preparing to Move Forward”) which has a huge size: 5 meters long and almost 4 meters high.

The Night Watch is definitely Rembrandt’s magnum opus. Therefore, it is currently on display at the Rijksmuseum , the national museum of the Netherlands, located in Amsterdam.

Girl With Pearl Earring (1665)

This work by Johannes Vermeer is regarded as one of the artist’s most famous. Therefore, this actually refers to the “Northern Mona Lisa” (Vermeer was Dutch).

The year in which Vermeer painted the Girl with Pearl Earrings is unclear, but many art historians believe it was around 1665.

Due to the little information that exists about Vermeer’s life and work, the whole “aura of mystery” surrounding his works makes them even more interesting. Moreover, this picture was of such interest that it even won a theatrical adaptation!

Famous Artwork Of All Time
Famous Artwork Of All Time

Pearl Earring Girl (2003) is based on Tracy Chevalier’s novel, directed by Peter Webber. It tells the story of how Johannes Vermeer supposedly created this iconic painting, however, there are other elements too. Specifically, Girl with a Pearl Earring is on display in Mauritius in The Hague, one of the most important museums in the Netherlands.

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