Japanese Calligraphy Box – What You Need To Know Before Buying Them

japanese calligraphy box

Japanese Calligraphy Boxes are very different from anything else you’ve seen. They are unique in every way, form, and function. There is no doubt that it is considered one of the most important calligraphies in the world, second only to the Japanese script. Just think of how much your home or office would improve if you added this beauty to your walls. It would not only be a great decorative addition to any room in your house or office but also a great tool for writing!

Japanese calligraphy pen made with lacquer (red oak) wood in traditional dark red lacquer finish. The lid opens on three iron hinges to a deep lacquered interior compartment for storing small calligraphy papers, then folds closed on a narrow metal handle with an iron key holder to a pen holder. When the lid is opened, the entire calligraphy set is visible.

Japanese Calligraphy Box Is Great For Anyone Learning Calligraphy

Japanese Calligraphy

This beautiful Japanese calligraphy pen comes with one or two nibs and is great for anyone learning calligraphy. It is a practical writing utensil as it will fit easily into any pocket. You can write everyday things on this calligraphy set when you take out your pen. It is also very practical for writing notes, even with the tiny nibs, you can manage a decent sized paper.

Like other calligraphers, it is easy to erase lines and mark words. You can do this by using a special calligraphy eraser called a chaser. There are also specialized calligraphers that will allow you to erase a block letter as well. When the correct marker is used, it feels just like a pen.

This beautiful Japanese calligraphy pen is not only a tool for beautiful calligraphies. This pen has multiple functions as well. One of them is that it can be used as a hairpin. If you are using hairpins to thread your clothing, this will make the task much easier. It is perfect for braiding your hair as well.

Miniature Which Means The Straight-Line Brush

Japanese Calligraphy

It is called the minature which means the straight-line brush. This is a brush that is very similar in function to an ordinary brush called a mina. These brushes were usually used with an ink-pot or kimono paper. Unlike mina brushes, the use of these brushes must be very precise because the paper could be crumpled, thus the soft lines could not be seen clearly. Another interesting thing about the mina brush is that it is different from the Japanese calligrapher.

There are a lot of amazing calligraphies that were created based on miniature calligraphies. You can actually use this pen holder with the calligraphies so that you can create your own unique calligraphies. It is truly perfect for any calligraphy hobby you may have.

Another great thing about this pen is that it also comes with an ink reservoir. This is perfect for people who are always on the go and who do not have enough time to go to the restroom. They can just write without worrying about the messy paper. You can easily clean the reservoir by simply rinsing the calligraphy pen in water or in a washing machine.

Calligraphy Boxes That Come In Different Colors

However, there are those who want something more special than the regular pen holder. If that is the case then they can choose the magnifying type. With this type of pen, you can make fine lines and shading much bigger. These are perfect for people who are working in the art field. Because you can get finer lines, you will be able to convey your message much clearer.

One great thing about these calligraphy boxes is that they come in different colors. The black and brown calligraphy boxes are the most common ones. However, there are some that are available in other colors such as blue and pink. There are even some that are available in transparent ones so that you can see the delicate lines written on the paper. Each box has a hole for the pen so that you can fill it with ink and then take it out for use.

Another great thing about the calligraphy pen is that there are many different sizes of nibs to choose from. The larger the nib, the finer the line you can create. This is important because it is the detail that makes the Japanese language so fascinating.


All in all, if you are a person who likes to use Japanese culture in your life, then a calligraphy box may be just what you are looking for. You can find them in any local office supply store. You may also want to look online for the best prices. It is a great gift idea and a great addition to any desk or office decoration.

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