List Of World Famous Oil Painting Contemporary Artists

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Are you curious to know about the contemporary artists of oil painting? If yes, then you come up to the right place. Today, we will talk about some contemporary artists who are well known all over the world because of their art. Before moving ahead, let you know about the oil painting contemporary art and why it is famous. Contemporary art, also kenned as modern art, is referred to as today’s art, but it’s about the late twentieth-century art and early twenty-first centuries. It belongs to artwork performed following the Modern Art bent and relevant to the modern-day. So, let’s back on track! We were talking about the best oil painting contemporary artists. Keep reading the text ahead to explore the most famous contemporary artists of oil painting.

David Hockney – Famous Oil Painting Contemporary Artists

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Every examination of the panorama in contemporary and modern artwork would be incomplete without David Hockney. He was a British artist who has evolved a deep passage from his famous Malibu and Santa Monica poolscapes of the 1960s and 1970s. From the beginning of his artistic career at the Royal College of Art, his working life has stayed strictly blended with the pop art campaigns and painterly expressionism.

Richard Diebenkorn

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Richard Diebenkorn was an American artist and printmaker, born in 1922. His early work is most widely associated with abstract expressionism and the Bay Area movement of the 1950s and 1960s in San Francisco. In the late 1960s, he began his extensive series of geometric, lyrical abstract paintings. His succeeding work, the best known as the Ocean Park paintings, was instrumental to his worldwide acclaim achievement.

Vija Celmins

Vija Celmins is a Latvian American artist praised for her precise renderings of natural symbolism, including desert floors, ocean waves, spider webs, and dark skies. Her paintings, drawings, sculptures, and prints portray views that are winning in their immense detachment. Celmins first represented the visible world during the 1960s, when she drew the things in her Los Angeles studio. “To fix the image in memory,” “suspended plane,” “an explosion at sea” are just a few of her artwork that is renowned worldwide.

April Gornik

April Gornik is an American artist who paints majestic portraits that reveal the sovereignty of the American landscape. The realistic landscapes and drawings of April Gornik embrace actions and converse to America’s historically contended bond with nature. She is passionate about their love for nature, and she strongly believes in its spiritual power.

Peter Doig

Peter Doig is a Scottish-born artist, first went to the Caribbean as a child and then to Canada, where he grew up. He evokes his works with a strange and enigmatic tale, usually with a sentimental or foreboding ambiance. He pulls influence for his outstanding work from multiple photographic references such as movie scenes, newspaper clippings, record album covers, and so on. His paintings are layered formally and conceptually and bring on art-historical artists like Claude Monet and Caspar David Friedrich.

Final Words

Moreover, all these are just a few oil painting contemporary artists; the list is so long. But these artists deserve all the appreciation they take because of the capabilities that show in the masterpieces they create.

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