Most Overrated Paintings Of The Renaissance Period

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Overrated Paintings of the Renaissance Period

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Water Lilies – One of the most recognizable paintings of all time, and the most famous art pieces around today. The water lilies are all over the place: you see them at weddings, at gardens, and on pillows. The water lily was a major part of Italian painting throughout the Renaissance, and you can easily recognize the likeness of Botticelli with his water lilies.

Monet’s Water Fountain – Another example of famous pieces by Michelangelo. You may recognize the statue of Judgment sitting on the Judgment chair by the Monet Fountain. The artwork is a recreation of Botticelli’s painting of the same scene, but this time done in an intricate scale. In total, there are thirty-two statues and five paintings in this collection. Many people visit this attraction everyday, and the sculptures look very real.

Mona Lisa – Another of many famous art pieces by Leonardo da Vinci. Many people associate the Vitruvian Man with the Mona Lisa because it looks like a depiction of the girl sitting on a large marble pedestal. The Vitruvian Man is also well recognizable because of its famous quote that reads, “Look to Italy for the greatest art mind.” This is because this is the only artwork from Renaissance Italy that has survived to this day. The Mona Lisa was painted over twenty years before the actual event occurred.

The Last Supper by Leonardo di Vinci – Probably the most famous art pieces from the Renaissance era. This painting represents the last meal that Jesus Christ had with his disciples before he went to the cross. This famous painting has a particular significance for some Christians because it depicts the Last Supper in a split head mode. This painting has also become the centerpiece of the Vatican Museums.

Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon – Many people will recognize Picasso as the famous artist who created The Nude, or Women, Portrait. However, few people realize that Picasso also created The Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, which was considered one of the most overrated pieces of art during the art period. This painting has been called overrated because many people do not like the style of the woman’s dress that is represented in the painting.

David – This painting represents David as being highly respected throughout the artwork period. In fact, this painting has inspired many artists to create similar depictions of David. This painting remains to be the most well known portrait from the renaissance period. One of the reasons that The David remained to be so well recognized throughout the ages is that it is so easily recognizable.

Venus De Milo The Venus De Milo is a painting that depicts a Roman statue of a goddess who is standing next to a temple of Jove. This goddess has the head of a woman and the body of a goddess. It is often associated with the Roman goddess, Venus. This particular statue has become an iconic symbol for Italian Renaissance artists. In fact, many people view the Venus De Milo painting as an icon for the artistic careers of many artists that came after it was created.

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