New Face of Contemporary Portrait Painting

Contemporary Painting Portraits

Digital cameras and cellphones are the new way to capture pictures. Selfies are the new portraits. But before having cameras and cellphones to take pictures for special moments and special people, painters, specifically portrait painters, are the one who captures these precious people and moments close to our hearts.

Most portrait paintings depict the wealthy and noble class, royalties, and religious persons during historical times. But as the world evolved, the subject for portraits became diverse. From images of nobles to depicting middle-class life to even making their self-portrait like what Van Gogh, Picasso, and other famous painters did. These painters specialize in giving emotions to the painting using facial expressions.

As the world continues to develop, so does art and the artists. New artists of today integrated the art culture of the past with their newfound techniques and styles. Here is the new generation of contemporary portrait painting.

Lauren Brevner

A close up of a persons eyes

Lauren Brevner, an artist from Vancouver, specializes in painting different portrayals of women. Having a similar style with Gustav Klimt, Brevner combines contemporary and traditional Japanese painting styles.

Yasumoto Oka

A person who is smiling and looking at the camera

A Japanese born artist, Yasumoto Oka, paints realistic portraits. It is natural to the point that some people may find it hard to believe that it’s painting instead of photographs taken from cameras. He initially uses a model for his painting while later on giving the original painting his idealized visions.

Kehinde Wiley

A New York-based artist, Kehinde Wiley, found success after painting Barrack Obama. His style is a renaissance, inspired with a touch of modernity while using modern people as models and vibrant colors and floral background.

Amy Sherald

Amy Sherald, a Baltimore-based painter, uses her paintings to challenge others’ perceptions toward the African- American community. She wants everyone to know that being African American is more than being oppressed. She wants to destroy the stereotype by featuring successful African-American personalities like Michell Obama.

Joshua Miels

This painter from Australia creates large portraits that emphasize human emotion. His style is vibrant and highly textured. In most cases, his subjects give off strong and vulnerable feelings.

Frans Smit

This South African artist, Frans Smit, reinvents old European portraits by giving them a modern touch. His painting style is a combination of both street painting and traditional portraiture. Frans Smit gives a unique touch to these old paintings by distorting their image, letting viewers feel novelty.

Art is everywhere around the globe. These new faces and names in the world of art are based in different countries and come from different races. These artists create beautiful portraits with different techniques and styles. The process in which they create their masterpieces is unique by itself.

Aside from making aesthetic pieces, these artists make art with a deeper purpose. Some of their paintings raise awareness of certain issues. Their paintings also portray and represent a specific race or theme. The new artists of this generation believe that art is not only for aesthetics but also for protesting and changing norms.

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