Some Of The Most Famous Modern Art Paintings

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Most famous modern art works belong to the category of fine art. Contemporary art basically refers to works of art that are created during the mid-20th century, and traces its origins back to the late 1960s. The term is generally associated with contemporary art, where the old traditions of the past are discarded in an atmosphere of experimentalism. It can be associated with any variety of art forms such as sculpture, painting, and printmaking. In recent years, newer art forms have emerged like performance art and digital art.

Monet is one of the most famous modern art paintings and was produced around 1874. This painting contains yellow ochre and fields of tulips. The first exhibited painting produced by the artist is often believed to be this one.

An Overview

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Pablo Picasso is generally attributed with creating the poster art of the fifties and sixties. The most famous example of his work is the “Hanging of the Virgin of Louvain” from Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. This painting was produced around 1947 and is considered to be the first modern artwork produced by the artist. It depicts a young girl holding her handbag aloft, a reference to the ideals espoused by Picasso’s movement toward liberalism.

Another famous painting produced by the French painter is “Doorway to Montage des Antiques”, also from Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. This artwork represents the themes used in the classic Marylebone cycle by means of bringing together Saint Anne and Avignon. The painting has a large format that makes it ideal for wall hanging. The image itself is that of a door, from which a figure on the right side is beckoning to a figure on the left. This painting can be seen at Musique du monde, the largest gallery in Paris.

Famous Modern Art Paintings

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Paul Gauguin’s painting “Nights in Au contraire”, also from Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, is another example of his unique style of painting. The theme of this painting involves night walks in the park. The painting contains of a number of different elements. There is a white lantern above the female’s head, an arc of light surrounding her, and a couple of figures walking hand in hand. The woman’s left hand is clutched in her hand, while her right hand is outstretched in a gesture of affection. The words ‘night walks in Au contraire’ are written across the bottom panel.

Another famous painting produced by Paul Gauguin during his career is called “Water Lilies”. This painting depicts small water lilies growing on a pond surrounded by blue sky and dark green grass. The background of this painting contains of several different shades of blue, all of which are matched in thickness.

A famous painting produced by Paul Gauguin is entitled, “Le Roi de la Grande Soleil”. This work depicts a lady lying on her back with her feet raised up on a mountain peak. Behind her there are three water drops coming down from a flanking wind. This particular painting has its origins in the French Court of Renaissance, when it was created by Honor La Grande Sougey, the well-known portrait painter.

Bottom Line

Probably one of the most famous modern artists of all time, Paul Cezanne, produced this masterpiece entitled “uctions de souvenir avec moi”. This painting was produced around the time of the famous Exposition Universelle in Paris. The painting is about two women sitting on a sofa, who are talking about something. One of them has her arm around the other’s; she appears to be gently holding her partner’s hand as they are sitting together. The words written beneath the portrait indicate that the couple are in love.

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