Some Rare And Cool Abstract Painting Ideas

abstract painting ideas

Many different people have differing opinions on what constitutes abstract painting ideas. Abstract art, in general, strives to appear different from reality, but it can depict nature through the use of a variety of colors and shapes. Several people believe that abstract art is random and, as a result, simple. The most awe-inspiring abstract art, on the other hand, deliberately incorporates texture and design elements.

Painting can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their artistic sensibility. In most cases, following along with art tutorials removes the guesswork from the composition and allows us to become completely immersed in the process.

Make Some Abstract Watercolor Backgrounds To Practice With

If you want to learn how to improve your watercolor techniques, check out this tutorial from websites. For each of the techniques, there are five different backgrounds to practice on until you feel confident enough to use one of the techniques on an abstract wall art piece to get some really good abstract painting ideas.

Learn How To Paint Abstract Flowers By Watching This Video

Background pattern

Abstract flowers are whimsical and enjoyable to paint once you have mastered a few fundamental techniques. When starting out with painting, it’s best to follow a tutorial first, rather than attempting to paint them on your own. You can make this flower garden wall art in less than fifteen minutes, as demonstrated by A Piece of Rainbow. Don’t be concerned if it takes longer than expected.

Consider Attempting A Progressive Watercolor Painting

If you’re interested in learning more about progressive watercolor painting. With a simple shape and some watercolors, you can create abstract art. 

Make A Copy Of This Piece Of Abstract Art

It can be challenging to make acrylic paintings appear less amateurish at times. Acrylic paints are used by many professionals, but they are also popular among beginners because they are extremely forgiving and easy to use abstract painting ideas. They can also have a very flat appearance. This tutorial from Kiley in Kentucky uses acrylic paint to create a texture that is more reminiscent of watercolor paintings. Find out how she did it, and then replicate it for your own purposes.

Backgrounds Can Be Created With An Ink Dropper

With the help of an ink dropper and watercolors, this abstract painting ideas can create a truly unique background for your work of art. You could simply stop once the background is complete, but Dawn Nicole shows you how to add transparent flowers on top of the finished background design.

Stack Three Canvases Together To Create A Quick Wall Gallery

This abstract painting idea is especially simple to complete, making it a good choice for beginners, but the final result does not appear amateurish. Check out this tutorial by Lia Griffith to learn how to create this look by combining gold leafing with acrylic paints.


Were you looking for some motivation to get abstract painting started? These above mentioned abstract painting ideas make use of a variety of mediums and techniques that are suitable for both beginners and experienced painters.

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